Config Tags

Config tags allows you to create logical groupings of configs and assign the ownership to the right stake holders or business teams who can change the value of the configs.

Creating config tags:

Login to dashboard and navigate to Config Tags page from the sidebar. Click on the New Config Tag button.

Config Tags

Give a meaningful name for your config tag that will allow you to easily locate it in the dashboard. And also briefly describe about config tag in desctiption field. Click on Create button to create a config tag.

Creating Config Tag

You cannot create two config tags with same name.

Add/Remove the config from config tag:

Click on config tag to which you wish to add a config. Then click on "Add config to tag" button. From the drop down select the configs which you wish to add and click on "Add configs" button.

To remove config from config tag click on delete button next to the config which you wish to remove. In the confiramtion box click on "Yes, delete it" if you wish to remove or else click on "No, keep it" button.

Deleting config tags: