User Segments

User segments are different groups of users that are served with different experiences(variation of the app), such as premium-users or nonpremium-users. User segments help in defining user context by combining user data from multiple sources. You create user segments based on certain rules that apply to the users. For example, one segment can be users that are located in the USA, another segment can be users from INDIA.

Creating a user segment

To create a new segment click on Segments from the dashboard sidebar

Click on the "Create Segment" button to start creating segments. In the create segment panel enter the following details :

  • Name: A meaningful name for your segment that will allow you to easily locate it in the dashboard.

  • Key: Give a unique key to reference a segment. A key value can be customized to anything you like, so long as it does not duplicate existing keys.

  • Description: Briefly describe what this segment is about. This will help your team members understand the segment's purpose.

In the below example we are trying to create a segment of users with their country as the USA.

Once you have created a segment, you can add the rules or target individual users similar to dynamic elements and experiences. If you know the user customer id and you want to include or exclude the users from the segment then click on the "Add Target Users" button and enter the user customer id in the respective fields.

You can also add the rules by clicking on the "Add Rules" button, and then add the rule with Country IS_ONE_OF USA.

Once the user segment has been created, you can use it in a dynamic element and experience rule engine to target a particular group of users.

Dynamic element with segment rule