Managing variations

Once the dynamic config has been created we can add, edit or delete the variations from the variations tab.

For BOOLEAN config, you can edit each variation's name and description field but not the value field. And also you cannot add/delete a variation. For the rest of config types, you can edit variation's name, value and description field. You can also add a new variation and delete an existing variation.

Adding new variation

To add a new variation click on "Add Variation" button at the top. Give the name, value and description for the new variaiton and click on save button.

Deleting a varation

To delete a variation click on delete button of the respective variation which you wish to delete.

Default variation

When you create a new config then by default the first variaiton will be set as default variation. If you wish to change the default variation then click on Is default variation and click on save button for the variation which you wish to make it as default variation.

Keep the following points in your mind while you are managing variations:

  • Minimum one variation should be present in a config.

  • If the config is of a Boolean type then only two variants will be preset. And you cannot edit the variation.

  • Once the config has been created with a particular type then you cannot change the type. For example, if the config is created as a string type then throughout its life the config will be of string type.

  • When you are creating a config, by default the first variation will be the default variation. Once the config has been created you can change the default variation.

  • Addition and deletion of a variation cannot be done at once.

  • Adding a new variation should be done at the end.

  • If a variation is part of any rule such as default rule, custom rules, off variation or present in targeted individual users then the variation cannot be deleted.

  • If a variation is part of any behaviour under experience then the variaiton cannot be deleted.