Understanding Dynamic Configs


CustomFit.io helps you create multiple variants of your App(mobile/web) by dynamically controlling its every element(UI, Data & Logic), making it custom-fit to your users.

Dynamic config is a Key/Data pair that lets you:

  1. Data & Content : Deliver variations data to configure every part of the product experience.

  2. UI & UX: Control what to show, how to show & when to show. Modify colors, themes, banners and any other attributes remotely.

  3. Behaviour: Make the app behaviour customized by dynamically controlling the actions and reactions.

  4. Localize: Personalize the connect your app depending on the various location params. Even you can convert the app into vernacular instantly.

  5. Custom Logic: You can write custom functions or webhooks to derive the value of configs at the runtime based on the current context.