Experience Events

In the Events tab, you will be able to add events that are to be tracked as part of your experience. For example, if you have multiple behaviours for sign up page then you can track how many people signed up by falling into which behaviour.

To add events to experience click on Add event button in the experience events tab. From the drop-down select the events which you want to track and click on Add event button. You can also add events to experience in the events section of the dashboard.

Adding events to experience

Once the events are added to the experience, then their respective statistics will be available by clicking on the events. In the event's insights, you can check the event statistics for the last 30, 21, 14 and 7 days by selecting the required number of days from the dropdown.

Experience events insights

Events can be used to track:

  1. Unique count: This count keeps track of unique users who triggered this event. For example, if a sign up button clicked is considered as an event, then how many unique users clicked on the sign-up button.

  2. Total count: This count keeps track of the total number of times the event was triggered. For example, if a product view is considered as an event, then the number of product views gives the total count of the visitors.

To remove an event from experience click on the delete icon of the respective event. A confirmation window pop's up, click on the Yes, Remove it button and the event will be removed from the experience.