Understanding Experience Engine

What is an experience?

An experience can be considered as a group of Dynamic Elements.

Why do we need ?

Traditional apps provide the same experience to everyone, regardless of who, or what, the user is. An app should slightly change and modify themselves in various ways to make sure that they deliver the most relevant content, resulting in a persionalized user experience. By providing a persionalized user experience it encourages them to continue using the app.

How it can be achieved with CustomFit.ai

Any feature in your app can be factorized into different Dynamic Elements. These Dynamic Elements can be grouped into an experience to provide different variations(behaviors) of the feature running at any point in time.

Each experience can have different behaviors. And each behavior is a different variation of the feature. Based on the user properties different variations(behavior) of your feature will be served to different users, thus each user will have a personalized experience when compared to others.

A personalized user experience can be provided with CustomFit.ai by simply following these steps:

  • Factorize: Decouple your code into the dynamic elements, which can change the value at run time.

  • Assign Ownership: Group the elements with tags (Eg: marketing, sales, etc) and assign ownership to the business teams. The owners can log in to the simple dashboard and can set or change the elements' values, which will be immediately reflected at the client-side.

  • Create Multiple Experiences: Create and deploy multiple experiences (variants) without tech help. You can also create temporary experiences for a specific duration.

  • Measure User Reactions & Take Action: Set goals and measure user reactions under each experience and take action.