Creating an Experience dashboard makes experience creation easy. First, Login to the dashboard and navigate to Experience page. Click on "New Experience" button.

Now you will be prompted to create new experience.

Creating an Experience

In create experience page provide the following details:

  1. Name: A meaningful name for your Experience that will allow you to easily locate it in the dashboard.

  2. Key: Give a unique key to reference an experienece. A key value can be customized to anything you like, so long as it does not duplicate existing keys.

  3. Description : Briefly describe what this experience is about. This will help your team members understand the experience purpose.

  4. Select Tags: From the drop down select the config tags and all the configs attached by the tag will be added in the experience.

  5. Select Configs: Select the individual configs from the drop down which you wish to be part of the experience.

  6. Select Events: From the dropdown select the events which you wish to be tracked as part of your experience.

  7. Priority: Provide the priority for each experience you are creating. Priority is a numerical value and it is used determine the priority of an experience when a single config is present in two different experiences. Lower the value has the lowest priority and the higher value has higher priority. If you do not give any value then by default the priority value will be set to 1.

Once all the details are provided then click on "Create Experience" button. Only the Name and Key fields are mandatory. You can add the configs, events in there resepective section under each experience.