Projects allows you to manage multiple different projects under one account. When you first sign in to dashboard you have a Default project assigned and you can make changes as per your business needs.

For example, you can have two different projects such as Food delivery and Cab booking . Each of these projects will have its own set of environments, and apps. By default, all the account users under your account will have access to every project within the account.

You can create, delete or manage these projects from the Projects option under settings. Please note that you must always have at least one project.

Select projects under settings from the sidebar

If you want to create a new project, click on the create project button. Give the project name accordingly and make sure that the project key value is unique throughout your account. You cannot modify the project key after it is created, but the project name can be modified at any time.

Within projects, you can create multiple environments. Make sure that each project must have at least one environment.