User Profiles

The User profiles give you detailed information about all the user base of your app/website along with their properties, tags, the variation of each dynamic config served and the detailed insights about the events triggered. A user profile can be created from one of the following options available:

  • Integrate our SDK, and we will create a user profile for each user who launches your app or visits your website. To know more click here.

  • You can create an individual's user profile from dashboard.

  • From server through APIs. To know more click here.

  • Integrating third party analytics providers such as To know more click here.

Creating user from dashboard

To create a user from dashboard go to the user profiles section under users from the dashboard sidebar. In the user profiles section, you can see all the user profiles present along with few of the details such as User Customer Id, User id, First name, Last name, etc. user profiles

Click on Create User button to create a new user. In create user page we have a set of default user properties and set of custom user properties. Provide the information related to a user either in the default user properties or custom user properties or both as shown below. default user properties

It is mandatory to provide one of the user property which are marked with "*" custom user properties

While providing information for custom user property make sure that the information satisfies the constraints. Once all the information is provided click on the Create User button.

Update user profile

To update any user information click on edit icon of the respective user or the user customer id. You can edit the following information of user :

  • Status: You can Disable/Activate the user.

  • Default user properties: You can update any of the default user properties.

  • Custom user properties: You can update any of the custom user properties.

  • User tags: You can add/remove the user tags. user update

User Configs

Click on configs tab under the user profile of a particular user where you can see the variation of each dynamic config served.

User Events

Click on Events tab under the user profile of a particular user to check the user events insights. The first section displays the sequence in which a particular event has been triggered along with the timestamp.

The second section displays the graph about the total number of times the event has been triggered over the last "X" days.

Delete user

To update any user click on delete icon of the respective user and click on the "Yes" button to confirm the deletion.