User Properties

User properties are specific characteristic's of a user, like an email, username, country, gender, etc. This information is helpful in order to target users based on these properties. The user properties can be default properties or it can be custom properties which can be created on fly through one of the following available options:

  • Integrate our SDK, and we provide various default and custom user property creation methods. To know more click here.

  • You can create various custom user properties from dashboard.

  • From server through APIs.

  • Integrating third party analytics providers such as To know more click here.

Creating User property from dashboard

To create user property from dashboard go to the user properties section under users from the dashboard sidebar. In the user properties section, you can see all the user properties present along with few of the details such as type, description, status, etc. User Properties

Click on Create property button to create new user property. In Create Property page select the type of property which you wish to create. The available options are Boolean, String, Number, Geo Point, List String, and List Number.

User Property Type

Once the user property type has been selected the provide the following details:

  • Property Key: Give a unique key to reference a user property in your code. A key value can be customized to anything you like, so long as it does not duplicate existing keys.

  • Description: Briefly describe what this user property is about. This will help your team members understand the user property purpose

  • Constraints: You can apply different constraints for different user property types :

    1. Min and Max length for String and List String property type.

    2. Min and Max value for Number and List Number property type.

    3. Max elements allowed in a list for List String and List Number property type

User Property Creation

To view, the constraints of any user property click on view icon of the respective user property.

User Property Constraints

Update User Property

To update any user property click on edit icon of the respective user property. You can edit the following information of user property:

  • Status: You can Disable/Activate the user property. If the user property is disabled then the respective user property will not be available in the rule evaluation.

  • Description: Description of the user property.

  • Constraints: Change the constraint values.

Update user property